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Ave Citizen!

I've been working with 3D graphics and illustration since the 1990's as a hobby. Many years ago, my interest in ancient history was rekindled. As a result, I now devote a good portion of my free time studying about all aspects of the Roman Empire and the antiquities. Some of the tools used include Cinema 4, Vue Infinte, Poser and Photoshop. I prefer to create my own models and textures when I can. The images created here are a result of my studies and imagination.

I hope you enjoy this site as much as I enjoyed creating it. Please feel free to say "Hello"


Commissioned Work

If you find any of my work to your interest please contact me. From time to time I provide my services and images for commission. If you have any questions concerning my rates or work please use the form below.


Do you have any thoughts, suggestions or comments about this site? Please feel free to message me. My servant will be certain to pass along all messages directly to me. Your messages will always remain confidential. Thank you!

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