Step into the Roman World

A priori

It was 5 years after the horrific eruption of 79 AD that buried Pompeii and Herculaneum. In an effort to recolonize the area and provide a much needed port, Emperor Titus sent an enormous amount of citizens, tradesman, slaves and materials to build a new city. This city is called Opacia. It is located at the base of Mount Vesuvius, nearly a stones throw from the ruined town known as Oplontis. The thriving city of Opacia now serves as the main port to the Campania region. Visitors from around the empire often stop in this port-of-call for one thing or another.

Publius Aelius Traianus Hadrianus
Opacia Fast forward 45 years to 129 AD. The Emperor is Publius Aelius Traianus Hadrianus, otherwise known as Hadrian. Emperor Hadrian ruled over the Empire for 21 years. Rome enjoyed a period of peace under Hadrian's policy of peace through strength. As a result Opacia thrivedand became home to nearly 5000 Romans and slaves, at least according to the Zosima the tax collector. Opacia carried the same ammenties that can be found in Rome only on a smaller scale. Rome's super-rich and elite would spend time in this countryside city where, more often than not, hedonistic temptations could be explored. But make no mistake this is a working town...if you could find a job. You see, Opacia suffered the same successes and failures as many other Roman cities did. Will you succeed? Play the game of Opacia and you to may rise and fall like so many romans did before you. Step into the Roman World.


The game in general: A casual web-based, turned based roman adventure/role playing game. This game will take place in a fictional roman town called Opacia (Opacia is copyrighted by ancientvine.com). The game will be historically accurate but will have a strong mix of humor and adventures (quests) Players will register and select a roman name, a gender, and a path...slave or citizen.

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Here is the area to keep you updated on the progress of the game. No not much yet I admit.A posse ad esse

  • City Insulae created (a model of the entire city)
  • Roles defined
  • Player Attributes defined
  • Storyboard (part 1)