Hadrian's Wall - NewCastle Roman Fort

This is a 3D reconstruction of the Roman Fort built along Hadrians Wall located at NewCastle UK also known as the Pons Aelius . This reconstruction also includes the first crossing point of the River Tyne, at Newcastle. The bridge was built by the romans and named the Pons Aelius after the emperor Hadrian, `the Bridge of Hadrian'. Over time the fort itself also became to be know as Pons Aelius. Situated on a hill the fort was originally built of earth and wood but later rebuilt out of stone. The Pons Aelius was a small fort by roman standards and housed about 480 auxilary troops. It included the Praetorium and Principia (Headquarters and Commander's residence), barracks, granaries, latrine and workshops.

The Roman bridge and fort at Newcastle formed the eastern end of Hadrian's Wall but later the wall was extended three miles further to the east where a fort called Segedunum was built at what is now know as Wallsend. Hadrian's Wall ran to the north of the fort and was not known to be connected to the fort. In the early fifth century the Cohors I Cornoviorum was stationed at Pons Aelius. Soldiers in this unit came from the Cornovii tribe who lived in the area around modern Cheshire. There are very little remains of the fort today. What you see now is an artists reconstruction I created.

The buildings and animation I created using various software programs. Cinema 4 and Vue. This is my first true animation so if you like it let me know and I will do more! You can find more information at my website http://www.ancientvine.com