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Welcome to my Domus! As you wander through my house you will discover places that serve as my home base for certain activities. My Gallery is for my historical and academic pursuits. I created this site to express my passion for ancient history, especially of ancient Rome. I express this through recreating various aspects of ancient cultures in a 3D medium. The AncientVine also serves to display visions of ancient Greece, Egypt and other worlds of antiquity.

Feel free to wonder about as there are many things to enjoy. Thanks for visiting my home!

Discover Ancient Alexandria

Enjoy a short film depicting what the ancient city of Alexndria might have looked like around the time of Cleopatra. It will includes the port itself, The Pharos of Alexandria , Library of Alexandria, Cleopatra's residence and the royal palace district.

A Virtual Domus

Take a stroll through the reconstruction of a authentic roman house - called a domus. Pictured to the left is the work-in-progress. All of it constructed in 3D. All textures created by Ancientvine - a mixture of Pompeian second and third styles. Knock on the door and enter as you will be able to walk-through each of the rooms to get a glance of a typical Roman domus, complete with furniture and other ammenties a well to do Roman would possess.

All citizens are welcome. You can navigate through by simple use of "hotspots" - hidden areas in the image that will take you to the next area in the domus. Just simply scan and click with your mouse to move about. Not only will you be able to navigate about from room to room but you also might find additional secrets reveiled. My servant Thaleia will be more than happy to assist you. Enjoy the tour!

Journey into the Roman World

You know the old saying, When in Rome do as the Romans do ...Well soon you will be able to experience life the way romans did. The game is part of a new ambitious project devoted to the virtual reconstruction of life in ancient Rome. Well it's not exactly Rome but a small provincial city complete with bakerys,a forum, lupanar, taverna, Temples and other places found in an authentic Roman city. It's an Adventure game set in a historically fictional Roman city called Opacia. Opacia is located in the Campania region between the old citys known as Pompeii and Herculaneum. The game takes place in 1st century AD. The game will be historically accurate but will have a strong mix of humor and adventures.

Pharos of Alexandria-Ancientvine
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Again I find myself updating the site and look. So you may run into a few broken links and format changes. Also a new menu and hopefully a cleaner look.

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On the Horizon

I've been working as much as possible to create new material to the site. Most likely the largest project I've done so far is the reconstruction of the ancient Egyptian port-city of Alexandria during the reign of Cleopatra (1st Century BC). Pictured above is one of many versions I have completed of the Pharos of Alexandria. There are more conceptual images in the forum, as well as, some images of my progress in a new section devoted to everything Alexandria Egypt. Its under construction but you can visit Alexandria here.

Alexandria, Egypt - Ancientvine

My virtual roman domus is still on exhibit for the Museum Victoria in Australia. Go here to see the animation they created from the domus. It is called the House of the Vine.

Please visit often as there are sure to be many updates to the Alexandria project. Currently I am working on a short film (animation) depicting the ancient city and port of Alexandria as it would have looked like based on the latest theories of underwater archaeologist Franck Goddio.

Thanks for visiting the AncientVine, stop by more often as new Visions of Rome...Egypt...and other antiquities may appear at any moment. Thanks for visiting!

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  • Return to Alexandria
  • My first animation "The Pons Aelius" featured below and on YouTube.
  • The Roman Fort at Newcastle
  • Pharos of Alexandria!!
  • Free 3D Models
  • Easter Island

    Taking a break from ancient Rome and now visiting Easter Island along with some cement castings I made of the mysterious Moai! Enter

    Roman History Illustrated

    AncientVine has expanded the gallery to provide some interesting topics of the Roman world. Listed below are just but a few. More to come, including additional illustrations of Hadrian's Wall. Below you will find a reconstruction of the Forum of Pompeii before the earthquake of 62AD. Bear witness to a sacrifice at the Temple of Isis in Pompeii.

    Fun Latin Quotes
    Latin Teacher

    Who said Latin was a dead language? We use it everyday! The following are courtesy of Some may be inspirational others just plain fun.

    Amat victoria curam

    - Victory favors those who take pains (Tertullianus)

    In vino veritas ! - The truth is in wine. (A drunk person tells the truth)

    - The truth is in wine. (A drunk person tells the truth)

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